With the middle of summer comes the hurricane season. For those that live in South Carolina, we understand how important it is to protect your home from the elements. According to Kate Flannery at Bob Villa, she states “For a home with 10 windows, a full window replacement will cost $7,500 on average, and can range between $2,000 to $21,000 depending on the type of windows and other factors.” Luckily, there are ways to save both your windows and your pockets. With raging storms and hurricanes consistently hitting the coast, you could rack up window bills larger than your monthly mortgage payment. Instead of spending thousands on replacing the windows, invest in security window tint. Today we’ll be discussing how you can save your windows with window film this hurricane season, as well as the benefits of using window tint! 

Selecting the Window Film that Meets Your Needs

Before purchasing any window film, we recommend talking to one of our tint experts here at Hilton Head Premier Window Film. They’ll be able to help you identify what kind of tint you’ll need for your home. Typically when shopping for a protective window tint, you’ll purchase the security window film. Not only does this film protect your windows from the elements, the tint also prevents theft and burglars looking into your windows. Since South Carolina is one of the top states most likely to experience hurricane damage, this window film is perfect for your home! 

Protecting Your Windows 24/7

With LLumar’s safety and security window film, you can rest assured knowing your windows will be protected! Window protection is crucial in a state like South Carolina, so getting your tint professionally installed will help you save time, money and your windows. When your window film is expertly installed you no longer have to worry about installing sharp metal shudders or heavy plywood, climbing ladders, or relying on your neighbors while you’re out of town! From major to minor storms, your windows are protected.

window tint installed

Get The Experts Advice

Our window film experts are here to help you protect your home. If you’re unsure where to start with window protection, scheduling an appointment with one of our techs will help you understand what film you need. They’ll discuss the tint options, the type of windows you have, and the process of installation and care. Even after installation our team is here to answer any and all questions you may have. 

Before you go and spend thousands on new windows, why not schedule a chat with our window film experts here? We support you throughout the entire process and make sure you’re happy with what you receive. Window protection film cannot only save you money, it can save your house and the people in it. Not only do we offer protective film, we also offer decorative film, solar film, and more! Not sure what the other benefits of window film is, check out our previous blog covering all the benefits of using window tint in your home, business, and more!