For those in South Carolina and other states all along the eastern coast, every season provides its fair share of challenges. Whether it’s the summer months bringing hurricane threats or the annual winter nor’easter the weather on the coast can shift in an instant. With all of these weather changes, your windows and your wallet could break. According to the writers at they say that the “ average cost to replace windows in your home as of 2022 is $450 to $960 per window. This cost includes the price of each window, plus the cost of professional labor and installation. You can expect to pay an average of $420 to $840 per window in material costs, and $30 to $60 per window in installation costs.” Now imagine doing that for each and every window in your home. Replacing windows throughout your whole home can cost thousands of your hard-earned dollars. Instead of breaking the bank with window replacement, invest early in window protection using window film! Not sure how window film can help you? We’ll discuss almost all the benefits of investing in window film and how window film can help you!

window film applied

Before we discuss how to start protecting your windows, we first need to talk about the different types and uses of window film. When talking about window film, understand there are three different types: solar, security, and decorative. Solar film’s main purpose is to reduce energy costs all throughout your home and keep your home cooler. This film can also reduce the number of ultraviolet rays (UV rays) in your home, slowing furniture fading. Security films’ primary job is to protect your windows in more ways than one. When storms come they add an extra layer of protection from the elements and in the event your windows do crack, they hold all the pieces together keeping you and your family safe. Security film also prevents thieves and burglars from looking into your home and eyeing your valuables, making it a deterrent from breaking into your home. Lastly, decorative window film not only livens up your space but reduces glare and offers filtered light throughout your home. The decorative film offers different patterns and textures for any home or office, including the popular frosted glass film. Now that you understand the types, let’s talk about a few benefits that will save you money! 

Besides saving your windows from the elements, window film can also save you money! During the summer window film keeps your entire house cool and can reduce your energy costs by 30-40%! In 2005 President George W. Bush signed the Energy Policy Act of 2005 which made it federal law. Within this law property owners can get a tax reduction on installing window film and the experts at Solar Control Global state “. The maximum tax credit that can be granted on window film will be an amount of $500.” Lastly, you can save your furniture and flooring from those damaging solar rays. By applying window film your furniture will keep its vibrant color longer instead of fading out over the years. Under the right conditions and with proper care, your window film can last 20 years without being replaced. This investment now can save you money for decades. All of these savings over time showcase that window film is one of the best investments you can put into your home! 

With all of these benefits, window film is the clear choice to protect your windows, wallet, and home. While there are window film kits you can purchase at most retailers, these kits are unreliable, uneven if not applied correctly, and can actually damage your windows. Instead of worrying about learning about, shopping, and applying your own window film, leave it to the experts at Hilton Head Premier Window Film! We’ll be able to help you choose the right film for your whole home and provide you with a free in-home consultation with one of our consultants. Save thousands on window replacement with window film from the experts here at Hilton Head Premier Window Film and talk with an expert here