Window film can be an alternative to traditional window treatments by reducing the heat and glare and is offered in many aesthetically pleasing styles that will not only improve the look of your windows, but also help in retaining your privacy and security without blocking your view. We offer a wide variety of window films for any situation.

Architectural window film combines two layers of a polyester coating, with an adhesive-backed solution on the binding side and a durable scratch-resistant coating on the exposed side, to create a protective covering for windows. Between the two are many layers of dyed film or sputtered metals to absorb, reflect or in some cases a combination of the two to reduce the amount of solar energy passing through the glass. Window film is also effective in blocking annoying glare and 99% of harmful UV.

On residential applications, our film carries a non-transferable manufacturer’s lifetime warranty on both the product and installation. Commercial applications carry up to a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty on both the film and installation

We recommend a non-ammonia cleaner with a soft cloth one month after the installation, or as needed. Our film is dust-resistant and maintenance-free.

Under normal conditions, two weeks is the normal drying time for the sputtered metallic film. A thin layer of bonding compound between the film and glass needs time to evaporate and cure. Optimal conditions are dependent upon sun exposure, temperature, and humidity. Small bubbles, if any, will gradually diminish

Actually, just the opposite is generally true.  You may be surprised to hear that most residential film is very lightly tinted.  The special formulations of today’s professional performance films perform most of the work.  In fact, having window film installed will usually enhance your view.

Professionally installed window film can lower your energy bills, eliminate most “hot” spots in your home and eliminate 99% of UV rays, which are the primary cause for premature fading of furniture, floors, and even your artwork.

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