A Cost-effective Way To Help Protect Our Future

The glass on windows and doors of a school can be a vulnerable entry point into a building. Most schools do not have fortified glass to prevent shattering, resulting in potentially easy access through the windows.

It Helps Protect What’s Important

Increasingly, safety and security window film installation has been included in security upgrades to school buildings.  Campus officials are recognizing that securing entryway, first-floor and other exposed glass is critical in helping thwart dangerous intruders.  Clear safety film is thicker than traditional window film and can increase the shatter resistance of glass, thereby slowing entry to a building.

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Benefits of Security Window Film

Deter Forced Entry

Safety and Security films with attachment systems can help deter forced entry; no film can absolutely stop an intruder.

Cost Effective

It is more cost effective than replacing all the windows and doors with laminated glass.

Installation without Disruption

It is easily applied over existing glazing; can be applied any time with minimal disruption to teachers and students.

Security Deterrent

While it cannot stop intruders from entering school buildings, it does act as a deterrent, providing precious response time by slowing an intruder.

Protect your property with LLumar Safety and Security film.

With hurricane season, it’s essential to consider ways to safeguard your property from the powerful forces of nature. While preparing for a hurricane involves several crucial steps, one often overlooked aspect is protecting the integrity of your windows. That’s where LLumar Safety and Security film comes into play.

Harnessing cutting-edge technology, LLumar Safety and Security film offers an invisible yet robust shield against wind-borne debris, harsh weather conditions, and even potential intruders. This remarkable product adheres directly to glass surfaces without compromising their clarity or aesthetics while providing unparalleled strength. Imagine a scenario where fierce winds hurl projectiles toward your home – ordinary windows would shatter instantly upon impact. However, with LLumar Safety and Security film expertly installed on your windows, you can gain peace of mind knowing that they are fortified against such threats. The film forms an impenetrable barrier that holds shattered glass fragments together upon breakage, preventing them from causing harm or allowing water intrusion.

Not limited solely to hurricanes, this innovative solution has a range of applications beyond natural disasters alone. It acts as a deterrent against forced entry attempts by making it incredibly difficult for intruders to penetrate through reinforced windows quickly.

Investing in LLumar Safety and Security film means investing in the protection of what matters most: your loved ones’ safety and precious belongings. Don’t leave anything up to chance when it comes to safeguarding your property – choose LLumar today!

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