Residential Window Film

Residential Window Tinting

Natural light is a great way to save electricity and create a welcoming environment in your home. Sunlight also brings in UV rays that are harmful to your skin and personal belongings, sometimes causing the fading of rugs, furniture, and wood flooring. Window tint can help alleviate the pain points of sunlight while giving you the natural light you need. Having window tint (also known as window film) can also reduce glare and make your home feel more comfortable.

Tinting for Any Size Window

Hilton Head Premier Window Film has a window tint solution for every size window. Our LLumar window film is professionally installed and fitted to regular and irregular shaped windows, giving you 99% UV protection, head rejection, and fading protection. Window tint reduces the heat in your home, helping your air conditioning system work more efficiently.

  • Bay windows  
  • Patio doors/ sliders
  • Bedroom windows
  • Pane glass
  • Picture windows 
  • Storm doors
  • Historic windows
  • Any flat glass
Hilton Head Premier Window Film


UV Protection

Harmful UV rays pass through ordinary glass, and reach inside our homes.  Window films with UVShield technology reduce daily, cumulative exposure to UV.

Fade & Glare

If left unchecked, the sun can also be destructive to fabrics and furnishings. Fabric colors will fade and wood floors will certainly lose their luster under the daily beating direct sunlight can deliver. 

Heat Reduction

You may have experienced when the sun comes up and the sunlight enters the room, the thermostat shoots up and the air conditioning starts to work overtime.

Severe Weather

When windows break due to high winds, severe storms or accidental impacts, the cost to replace them could pale in comparison to the costs of lost business, physical harm and damaged property.

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