Window film has been around since the mid 1960’s, bringing with it decades of innovation. As the product itself has grown in popularity, so have the brands that create and sell it. When you hear the words “window film”, what comes to mind first? Is it 3M?

Most people think of 3M window film. 3M has been a long standing company in the window film industry, credited with getting the first patent for window film. However, in the decades following, their portfolio became limited and other films like Vista Film have beat out 3M’s products in quality across the board. 3M’s residential and commercial films offer a significantly smaller array of products than Vista as well. Here are some quality metrics that Vista beats 3M in.

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Visible Light

The visible light categories give us an idea of how the film performs against the rays our eyes can see. This category separates out both interior and exterior reflections. In the visible light category, the Vista Harmony will provide you with the same amount of interior reflectivity, giving your customers the same experience with using a 3M Prestige product. While this alone might not be enough for someone to switch films, there are other benefits as well. A significant improvement is on the exterior reflectivity. In commercial settings, lowering the amount of reflection gives the store a more natural look from the outside. 

Solar Energy Rejection

The next category, Total Solar Energy Rejected, is the main reason for applying film to your store fronts – to reduce the amount of heat coming in. Total Solar Energy Rejected consists of rejecting visible light, ultra violet rays and infrared rays. These are all factors in the heat that the sun emits. The Vista Harmony series provides a considerable amount more heat rejection than 3M’s films. 

While the Vista Harmony line offers better performance than comparable 3M films, Vista’s adhesive and film are created to be “distortion free”. This means a clearer view into and out of your window, less haze typically associated with poor quality films, and less noticeable changes to the surface texture of your window films. 

Why do we measure these metrics so in depth if the product provides the same utility? 

When it comes to solar energy, these metrics can save you a considerable amount of money over the lifespan of the tint. The extra heat reduction provided by the Vista Harmony series can directly save you money on electricity as your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to keep your home or office cool, even when compared to 3M film. The distortion free combination of adhesive and film keep your windows easy to view out of and the exterior reflectivity allows for a natural look on the building, meaning you won’t have to worry about replacing your film due to distortion or texture changes. 

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3m vs vista film metrics