When shopping for a new home or building for your business, windows with lots of natural light are (usually) on the top of your checklist. Windows are one of the key features of a home or office, but with dangerous weather, accidents and thieves, the cost of replacing your windows can add up fast. Depending on the shape, size or model of the window, your replacement costs could be in the thousands. Instead of spending thousands on replacement windows, security window film is an alternative and affordable option to protecting your windows from thieves, the  elements and more! Safety and security window film protects more than just your windows. Window film also helps with keeping your house cool, reducing furniture fading and more. Today we’ll discuss the dual purpose of using security window film!


We’ve all seen in the movies where the neighborhood kids throw a baseball and break a window which leaves dangerous glass shards everywhere. Security window film keeps those broken pieces together instead of scattering all over your floor! Whether it’s storm damage or a minor accident, the security film holds all those shards together. 

Deters Break Ins

While staking out homes to steal from, burglars will peek through your window and see what valuable items they can take when you’re not home. Instead of replacing those items, security window film prevents thieves from seeing into your home as easily. Security film not only protects you from the weather, but protects your precious valuables from theft!

Protects Windows during Hurricane Season 

 Typically when shopping for a protective window tint, you’ll purchase the security window film. Not only does this film protect your windows from the elements, the tint also prevents theft and burglars looking into your windows. Since South Carolina is one of the top states most likely to experience hurricane damage, this window film is perfect for your home! No more chips and cracks from loose debris during storms. 

Reduces UV Rays – No Furniture Fading

Keep your brand new couch in its original color using window film! There are 4 primary ways that your furniture fades: UV light, visible light, and heat. After prolonged exposure to the sun, wood, paneling, flooring, drapes and more can be damaged or lose value. As we have discussed earlier, window film can absorb and block out 80% of the harmful UV rays that would damage your furniture. 

Reduced Cooling Costs

UV rays are just as bad for your home as they are for your skin. During those blistering hot summer months the heat from the sun pours into your home making it hot and uncomfortable. When looking to reduce energy costs in your home, installing window film lowers your cooling costs while keeping your home cool on the hottest days of the year. 

Wrapping Up

You no longer have to choose between solar and security window film, when Hilton Head Premier Windows security window film has solar benefits! If you’re looking to save thousands on window repairs and use window film on your home, click here to leave us a message and find the perfect film for your home.