Are you tired of paying for new windows that can cost you thousands? Are you looking for a better solution? Window film is the solution you’ve been searching for! From protecting your windows from storms, slowing the fading of furniture and much more, window film pays for itself. Still not convinced? Today we’re talking about the 4 ways that your window film will pay for itself. 

Insurance Discounts

If you live in a hurricane state such as South Carolina, window film that protects your windows from the elements can help you save thousands each year. Using the security window tint on your exposed glass windows will lower your home insurance premiums. Not only does security window film protect your windows from the elements, it also protects against crime and break ins! Security film makes it harder for thieves to look into your windows and see what expensive items you have that they can steal. Call your insurance agency and see how much you can save on insurance by using security window film! Learn more about protecting your windows this hurricane season in our previous blog. 

window film installation before and afterEnergy Costs

UV rays are just as bad for your home as they are for your skin. During those blistering hot summer months the heat from the sun pours into your home making it hot and uncomfortable. When looking to reduce energy costs in your home, installing solar window film is the right one for you. This type of film absorbs 78% of the sun’s heat coming through your windows, which means lowering your cooling costs by 35-50% a year

Window Replacements

When your windows crack and shatter in storms or accidents, it can cost $200-$2100 to replace an average size residential window. Overtime throughout many storms and accidents, it can lead to thousands of dollars in repairs! By using the security film, you’ll save hours of your time and money. The initial investment of the film is cheaper than the window replacement. Looking for a quote to protect every window in your home? Schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced film tech here. 

Slowing Furniture Fading

Keep your brand new couch in its original color using solar film! There are 4 primary ways that your furniture fades: UV light, visible light, and heat. After prolonged exposure to the sun, wood, paneling, flooring, drapes and more can be damaged or lose value. As we have discussed earlier, solar paneling can absorb and block out 80% of the harmful UV rays that would damage your furniture. Save money in the long run by protecting your furniture. 

Throughout this article we’ve discussed many different ways that window film pays for itself. Between the cost of window replacement, new furniture, better insurance premiums and energy costs, window film pays for itself within the first year. Are you looking to save money all around the house? Schedule a call with the experts here at Hilton Head Premiere Window Film and find out how we can protect your whole home.